Festa Do Sol 2021 by Konflict. Aftermovie.

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KONFLICT London born in March 2017 in the heart of our Capital, is a well established events brand and now record label with a team behind it that is more like family. We celebrate our love of music in London’s most exclusive venues, and 2020 see’s the launch of our very own record label, KONFLICT Records. 


Having come from the fashion industry and spending a lot of time at fashion week, attending all the parties. We have found the perfect balance combing both fashion and music culture. We utilise our experiences, contacts and natural swagger to ensure we create a unique party experience that is new and exciting to the scene. Constantly looking to offer our ever-growing clientele a better experience than the one before. 

KONFLICT prides itself in having established a unique sound across our events and our brand, and launching the label will be no exception, our residents Auric, Balzar & Huw Mitchell, have been at the forefront of pushing the musical identity of our brand and are a vital part of the direction of our label, with a special emphasis in spiritual connections via the power of music, KONFLICT Records is a musical extension of our events and a creative outlet for our artists and friends.

Ethos: “Music is what feelings sound like”